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Every dollar is on screen and the imagery is compelling. It was, apparently, a troubled production.


Jason robards, richard jordan, david selby, anne archer, alec guinness, bo brundin, m.

Raise the titanic movie review. The film rights were immediately seized upon by a producer who wanted his own james bond franchise. Clive cussler's novel raise the titanic! screams manliness. With jason robards, richard jordan, david selby, anne archer.

Movie reviews lord grade, owner of itc entertainment, once said, “it would have been cheaper to lower the atlantic!” that was after his film, “raise the titanic!”, grossed only $7 million at the box office. That’s when clive cussler released his third book, raise the titanic!, featuring the hero, dirk pitt. Many people forget that raise the titanic is, first and foremost, a spy film.

A review of the 1980 action drama, raise the titanic, starring richard jordan, jason robards, and david selby and directed by jerry jameson. Raise the titanic (1980) cast: A group of american salvage experts, along with adventurer dirk pitt, discover that a rare mineral was being carried on the titanic before it hit the iceberg.

After all, raise the titanic has gone down (pun intended) in history as one of the biggest movie flops, a box office failure that famously elicited lew grade to state that it ‘would have been cheaper to lower the atlantic’. Apparently this movie was a huge flop when it was first released and i can see why. It begins with old photographs of the great ship and with a sneaky preview shot of the ship in its watery grave.

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Such is the case of raise the titanic (1980), a critical flop and, more importantly, a colossal commercial failure with $7 million in u.s. See what the critics had to say and watch the trailer. The plan to raise the ship involves the use of experimental navy submarines, and the sequences devoted to the search are tightly directed and effective.

Raise the titanic is a 1980 adventure film produced by lew grade's itc entertainment and directed by jerry jameson.the film, which was written by eric hughes (adaptation) and adam kennedy (screenplay), was based on the 1976 book of the same name by clive cussler.the story concerns a plan to recover the rms titanic due to the fact that it was carrying cargo valuable to cold war hegemony. To obtain a supply of a rare mineral, a ship raising operation is conducted for the only known source, the r.m.s. Raise the titanic(!)is an adaptation of the novel by clive cussler.

And canadian earnings against a $40 million negative cost. Imagine how exciting it might be to locate and raise the titanic in the late 1970s! Movie reviews for raise the titanic.

Raise the titanic full movie play now : Some movies get a bum rap. Not only was raise the titanic a financial failure, it was a critical failure as well.

Unfortunately the movie soaked up so much money and took such a battering at the box office that grade's production company never recovered. A much underrated film, raise the titanic has its flaws, but it definitely is always thrilling and exciting because of the fact that its plot is a salvage crew raises the great liner that sank in. All existing 540k+ movies, all 14k+ movie tastes, and all 74+ us streaming services on maimovie

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In its transition to the big screen however, most of the intricate cold war plotting didn't make it to the lifeboats. In its stead you have the basic story and of course the bank breaking poster promise of the doomed liner rising from her watery grave. And not a drop to drink,” this quote from the rime of the ancient mariner sums up the first problem with the movie raise the titanic and that it is a movie that deals with water, lots and lots of water, but like salt water not much of this movie is drinkable or.

Written in 1976, raise the titanic! was the fourth book to feature cussler's manly hero, dirk pitt. Raise the titanic is almost a good movie. Full review | original score:

Well, we’ll come on to that, but the big budget spectacular is a rare misfire. It has some wonderful moments, but they're bogged down in two moronic subplots. Please don’t raise the titanic!

Charmer with the ladies, who don't really figure much in the book. Raise the titanic is a novel by the popular author clive cussler. In 1980, the book that cussler wrote was adapted for the big screen, and it came out five years before the real rms titanic was actually found on the ocean floor.

The movie succeeds in recreating some of the romance of the titanic itself.


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