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In fact, its official title is pom wonderful presents the greatest movie ever sold, after the pomegranate juice that is, i now know, 100 percent pomegranate juice — unlike minute maid's, which is mostly apple and grape. The greatest movie ever sold a documentary about branding, advertising and product placement that is financed and made possible by brands, advertising and product placement.

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Financial analysis of pom wonderful presents:

The greatest movie ever sold summary. Miami international film festival 2011. Watch our video blog (also featuring /film’s own germain and alex from firstshowing) below: Sxsw film festival 2011 | cinemacon 2011.

Scathingly funny, subversive, and deceptively smart, the greatest movie ever sold shines the definitive light on our branded future as acclaimed filmmaker and master provocateur morgan spurlock (super size me) attempts to create the iron man of documentaries, the first ever docbuster! The movie gives you an in depth look inside the business of advertising by showing the steps and decisions involved. After watching his documentary “pom wonderful presents:

The greatest movie ever sold plays smartly to spurlock's strengths, and the result is a breezy, albeit not particularly. The greatest movie ever sold review. The greatest shoe you ever wore, the greatest car you ever drove, from the greatest movie ever sold.

Five new words / terminology that i learned from “the greatest movie ever sold” by morgan spurlock was brand collateral, brand personality, faction, brand x (exclusive concept for the documentary), and quid pro quo. East coast publicity rubenstein communications, inc. The greatest movie ever sold's attack on the ubiquity of product placement could be seen as a win for the advertising industry.

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He may very well have succeeded. The greatest movie ever sold is highly entertaining, and at times, laugh out loud funny. In addition to the issue of product placement in films and tv, the greatest movie ever sold also explores the general issue of oversaturation of advertising in our society.

The greatest movie ever sold is a 2011 documentary film about product placement, marketing and advertising directed by morgan spurlock. This movie is evidence for how messed up marketing is. The greatest movie ever sold.

Assignment 2/3/2013 greatest movie ever sold in this movie, morgan spurlock studies the world of marketing by attempting to sell brands a chance to be apart of the film. In one part of the film, spurlock talks to school officials in broward country, florida about how they sell advertising space to help pay for underfunded school programs. The subtitle of the greatest story ever told is a tale of the greatest life ever lived.such use of superlatives came easily to fulton oursler from his years as senior editor of reader’s digest.

You know, the greatest drink you've ever had courtesy, the greatest movie ever sold. The premise behind the production is that the documentary itself would be entirely paid for by sponsors, thus being a form of metafilm. It is a movie about making a movie paid for by product placements.

Special | 2m 11s morgan spurlock, the creator of the mega hit supersize me returns with another documentary focusing on the. So the idea is beyond just showing that. The greatest movie ever sold plays smartly to spurlock's strengths, and the result is a breezy, albeit not particularly enlightening documentary.

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At the 2011 sundance film festival, matt reviews morgan spurlock's the greatest movie ever sold. Morgan spurlock's new documentary, the greatest movie ever sold, finances itself by its own bootstraps. Spurlock wanders through a city landscape that feels strangely.

Plot summary, synopsis, and more. 'the greatest movie ever sold': The greatest movie ever sold (2011) he's not selling out, he's buying in. tmdb score.

The greatest movie ever sold critics consensus. Intrepid filmmaker morgan spurlock directs this bitingly ironic documentary, which scrutinizes the pervasive marketing, advertising and product placement practices that. Spurlock gave a ted talk based on his 2011 film the greatest movie ever sold.

Morgan spurlock investigates product placement in film. All the brands have so much influence over the movie and the filmmaker is scared that he will no longer have control over his content. In fact, the film’s greatest shock comes in a brief excursion to sao paulo, brazil, a city that has banned all outdoor advertising.

The greatest movie ever sold (2011) on imdb: Essay greatest movie ever sold 1167 words | 5 pages. Brands are pan of your life, rate this script:

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