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Chronological order(s) things are about to get a little complicated. Patrick stewart , ian mckellen , hugh jackman , james mcavoy

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If you’re rewatching the films, there are three basic ways you can watch:

X men movies in order to watch. Well, you can watch the movies in the following order: The first few films take place in an unspecified future, while many of the later films are set in particular late. Days of future past are on the list 2 times.

Now there are a few ways this can be done. First class took place in 1962 and was the first official story in the franchise. Days of future past is, according to most of the franchise’s fanbase, the best film of the lot.

Following the upcoming release of the new mutants on april 3, the films will. There is a cameo appearance of professor x. The final one, “new mutants,” was released in august.

Professor x was still young, could walk, and had hair. However, it’s a movie that scrambles the timeline of. The final one, new mutants, was released in august.

I thought it would be difficult because of all the timelines, but it was actually pretty easy. This order isn’t quite chronological by the year the movie is set in. And it can all get a bit confusing.

Chronologically, release order, or going by the two timelines created by 2014's days of future past. Days of future past because it altered the timeline. Success came quickly and allowed the franchise to grow, and wolverine's character established as one of the most important in all the trilogies that were made spanning almost two decades.

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For the most part, i enjoyed them, and i realized that there was no good watch order for these movies. If you're rewatching the films, there are three basic ways you can watch: But i have made the list the way i think people should see it.

First up, we have the easy way, which puts. Jun 15, 2017, 4:37 pm* internet culture.

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